The Lye Saga
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Story Ten

A story about a competitipon, and a parade...

The dbz gang was getting used to having the Naquettes around. Krillin continued to train Halamoii, Lye settled down, and got a job at an IDA drugstore, the only problem was Lye's husband, Cornelius.

Vegeta sat at the kitchen table, he looked outside, to see trunks and Halamoii sparring. He sighed to himself, he hated their whole family. Halamoii had knocked Trunks off his feet. He looked up at her, she smiled, and winked, and blasted him with a kamehameha. He was unconscious.

Krillin who had been watching along with Bulma and Lye, ran in!

"Halamoii!" he shouted, "how many times have I told you not to do that! This is just a spar! Not a real fight!"

Halamoii just shrugged.

Krillin sighed, and helped Bulma lift Trunks up onto a stretcher, and take him inside, Halamoii went to talk to her mom.

"Hey mom!"
"Your getting good at that fighting stuff."
"Why don't you ever fight?"
"Oh... I used to" Lye got this far off look in her face
Halamoii laughed, "mom you look so stupid! What are you thinking of"
Before Halamoii could answer, Krillin came rushing up.

"Hey guys!" He said, "there's a new competition starting tomorrow. A fighting competition! And the winner gets a day in their honor, with a parade, and all kinds of stuff! Are you guys gonna enter?"

"Oh yeah!" Halamoii jumped up, she was way too excited.

Lye shook her head, "no thanks, I've had enough violence to last many life times.

Halamoii and Krillin looked at each other and shrugged. Lye looked really stupid when she was thinking.

"Come on, "Krillin said, "you've gotta get ready. Halamoii nodded and they flew off together.


Trunks woke up. "What a bitch" he mumbled to himself. But he knew he didn't mean it, despite the numerous times Halamoii had defeated him, she was too happy a person to stay mad at. He sighed to himself with a smile, and tried to get up, but he winced with pain, and lay back down.

Vegeta watched his son from the doorway, that bitch had hurt him for one last time, and he was gonna get her back. He was gonna enter the contest, and whop her demon saiyan ass!


It was the day of the competition, the only z warrior who were competing, were vegeta, and chao ztu. Also Halamoii was in it, but she isn't a z warrior.

There were a few other competitors but when they heard that vegeta was competing, they backed off. So there were three competitors. Which sucked, but Im not good at describing fights, so consider yourself lucky. So the first to fight were Vegeta and Halamoii...

Insert amazing graphic filled fight scene here...
...and Halamoii just barely won. Vegeta staggered out of the arena, and flew away, cuz he was embarrassed. Then Halamoii had to fight chao tzu.
Insert Chao tzu getting beaten very badly here
...and then Halamoii tripped, and her ki blast back fired, and knocked her unconicious. Chao tzu had won. And now, July 5 would forever be chao tzu day. Tien was happy! So was everyone else, chao Tzu day sounds cool, but who would want to celebrate Halamoii day? Or in that case , Vegeta day? (*I want to celebrate Vegeta Day!*)

Chao Tzu was sitting on his float at the front of the parade, dancers, and magicians and clowns followed, but mysteriously the other members of the parade were being killed one by one. It was Vegeta and Cornelius, now best friends, both equally evil, and they were both trying to snipe Chao Tzu, mad that they (or their daughter ) didn't win.
Now Chao Tzu was the only living person in the parade, and the crowd was getting anxious, looking for the killer. Halamoii and Trunks spotted them, their fathers, killing innocent people..... What were they to do?....

Halamoii looked at Trunks, Trunks Looked at Halamoii, and they laughed.